Clay is very responsive material. Press into it, and it yields the physical honesty of Earth itself. Steels rigid strength is used to support and resist. Unlike clay, which is modeled by hand, changing the contour of steel requires the use of machines.

In my work I develop a relationship of edges, shapes, and spaces. Combining the unique similarities and differences between clay & steel, my work explores the interplay and eventual unity of the materials using shape, light, and shadow, texture and color.

Combining these 2 mediums creates dramatic surfaces. This is enhanced by constructing varying levels of relief in the wall pieces which yields a dynamic relationship between surface and space. Using the cut steel as both a stamp (for surface texture) and as a handle creates a striking unity in the boxes.

The clay surfaces are painted or sprayed with slip, stain, underglaze and, glaze. The steel is cut with a plasma torch & welded. These elements are screwed and bonded onto each piece.

Janey Skeer Clay & Steel - Studio : 747 Santa Fe Drive, Denver CO 80204 - 303 573 5903 - Email